Tech Talk: All you need to know about cookies

KAYBE • Website Design • Cookies Guide • Be Compliant

In this blog post we’d like to shine a little light into the dark by explaining what cookies are, what they are used for and how you as a website owner can identify if you need them and where you get them from. In addition we‘ll look into the cookie rules under GDPR and how you stay compliant while using cookies.

Lead Generation: Why can’t I be found online – accountants edition

From our own observations on social media over several weeks, we can see that the demand for accountants has peaked. However, when talking to accountants, many of them struggle to find new and onboard new Clients.

In this blog post, we take a look into the reasons as to why we hear accountants and other businesses asking: Why can’t I be found online?

Coronavirus: Tips for businesses

Digital is still far from the comfort zone for many people and businesses.
If COVID-19 has you struck with worry, and are looking for way to recover quickly, then look no further, super woman is here ?‍♀️

Website Design: Why a friend shouldn’t do it for you!

Building a great website • When to consider friends

Costs can often be a driver for business to choose to work with friends to design a website, quickly forgetting that a website design is more than just a digital must-have. Is your time and brand reputation worth the cost of a quick and convenient workaround?

Lead Generation: Where to start?

Knowledge sharing around lead generation for your business and how lead generation companies can help you to stay on track with your lead generation demands.