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Website Design: How important is a website?

The age-old question: How important is a website? Entire businesses have been built around being digital first, only having a presence online. But so many businesses continue to miss experiencing the full effect of what is possible.
How important is a website? Should I consider a website for my business?
How important is a website? Should I consider a website for my business?

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When considering ‘how important is a website‘, there are lots of points to take into consideration, as the answer is unique to each person.

A website is often the first point that a potential customer initially makes contact with. In an ever evolving digital world, bricks and mortar businesses depend more and more on having a visible and prominent digital presence. But the unknown shouldn’t be feared. Here, we detail more around why web design is important, and what you should be looking for when considering investing in time and money on web design.

How important is a website?

Picture this… a business on a high street, which you’d think would rely purely on passing trade, let’s say for example, a cobbler, there for you in your time of shoe repair needs. But how can an established high street business get more than just literal passing trade?

With people moving home more frequently, and further afield from their roots, you may be surprised to learn how many people first search online for a service they are looking for before hitting the high street. This could be to simply find the businesses’ location, or could be to get their opening times, both of which could be a lost opportunity should the business not appear online.

Google My Business is great at kick-starting your online visibility, but the level of detail you can include can only go so far.

Building a website that is optimised to be found, with ease, by potential customers is now more important than ever. Did you know that 61% of users research a product online before making a purchase? Ask yourself, ‘can I be found’ and if so, is your web design as good as it can be, with all your product and/or services offered?

If the answer is no, then you may want to reach out to us, to find out more about how we can help you.

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How important is a website, should I invest in a website?

If only it was a simple yes/no answer.

Of course every business has the need to be accessible to their prospects and customers. For example, your first thought for a business who supply goods to a much older age demographic, such as mobility products, would be to advertise in the age-old Yellow Pages.

While we are sure this would serve its purpose, the business would be limited in to its reward for the investment of the listing. The Office of National Statistics quote that: Recent internet use by retired adults has increased by almost 25 percentage points since 2011, to 64% in 2018. So even in a market where you may feel the need for a website would be limited, the research demonstrates how the age span of internet users is increasing year-on-year.

This is of course a very specific example, but could help you access the market by outlining how many people are searching for products or services that your business offers, which you could be missing out on. The cost of investment may not be as much as you first may think, yet you could potentially have a lot to gain.

About the Author

If you look under the microscope, my DNS string would read M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G. Outside of work, I’m continually looking at billboards, ad campaigns, messaging and signage. I am that rare breed that won’t fast-forward an advert on TV (you can judge me all you want!)

I am also a proud ally to Mental Health charities and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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