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Lead Generation: Where to start?

Knowledge sharing around lead generation for your business and how lead generation companies can help you to stay on track with your lead generation demands.

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Every business is dependent on sales, that’s a given. Some rely on the sale of physical goods, others, like us, rely on the sale of services. Depending on how your business is structured, leads coming through your virtual or physical door are the lifeline behind the pipeline you build.

What is a lead?

In its most simple terms, a lead is an enquiry for business, from either a consumer, or an individual acting on behalf of another business.

There are two ways leads can be generated. The first is what we call inbound lead generation. This is when the contact can come from a marketing campaign or via a prospect finding you online. Typically, these are the most valuable leads, and the prospect reaches out to you, in order to find out more about what you are offering.

The second is what we call outbound lead generation which is when a user is targeted or prospected by your business. An example of outbound activity is cold calling or telemarketing. Typically, outbound marketing drives a lower success rate when converting leads into paying customers. This is generally because you are generating interest cold, in that the prospect typically wouldn’t have been looking for your service when they are first approached.

How to generate leads

Often when people are out on the hunt for new business, they tend to jump in feet first, and will run after any opportunity. Now, this may sound very obvious, but the key is to ensure that you target prospects that you can cater for – you’ll be surprised how often this is overlooked!

The first stage is to profile your ideal customers, which in marketing terms we call a target persona.

There are several key elements to map out for B2B sales:

  • What are the job titles of the people in the business you’re going after?
  • What are the main challenges they face?
  • What are they known to read i.e. is there an established publication for the trade, such as a retail publication like the Retail Gazette?
  • What events do they attend?
  • What social channels do they use?
  • Does the business they work for need to be based in a specific location?


B2C personas are mapped a little differently. Here are some points to help you get started:

  • What are the main challenges they face that your product or service can solve?
  • What are they known to read i.e. is there an established forum such as mumsnet?
  • Is age or gender important?
  • What events, if any, do they attend?
  • What social channels do they use?
  • Are you limited by serving a specific location?

Let's talk about Lead Generation...

What are lead generation companies?

In order to keep their eye on the ball, businesses often outsource their inbound marketing operations in order to drive leads to agencies like KAYBE. A great agency will take a 360 approach in their planning. We will consider major areas prospects would interact with you, such as your digital visibility, how accessible your website is and how compelling your content is.

In short, lead generation goes further than just creating a strategy. The activation and execution of any campaign is critical to its success.

About the Author

I’m Christiane, one of the proud MegaMarketers here at KAYBE. Hi and hello from me to you. I started in marketing long before my career started, supporting sports teams in getting sponsorships and organising school events which ended up being big successes.

I’m passionate about marketing and the tech to make it happen – isn’t it exciting when automation works? In my spare time I love seeing my family, going for walks with my dog and spending time with my horses; enjoying nature and a non-techy environment.

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