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Coronavirus: Tips for businesses

Digital is still far from the comfort zone for many people and businesses.
If COVID-19 has you struck with worry, and are looking for way to recover quickly, then look no further, super woman is here ?‍♀️

Table of Contents

My mission for this blog is simple: I want to help by showing you alternatives to traditional ways of generating revenue.

Coronavirus has been keeping some of us busy over the last couple of weeks, yet others who have a more traditional approach to generating revenue are now finding they’re blessed with a lot of time on their hands. We decided to pause our regular blogs, and instead look to develop content to help our partners and fellow businesses during these challenging times.

There are many questions, all with a similar vein which continually occur; the biggest question of all: How can I diversify or bring in an additional revenue stream. In response to this, we will share content and tops to help you through COVID-19.

For smaller businesses and businesses without a digital platform, and by digital platform we mean something like, Facebook, Twitter or a website, communicating with your customers, sharing a message, or keeping in touch is much harder. Now is a time to turn this set-back into an opportunity, and catch up with your competitors. Let’s start with getting some strong foundations in place, which will help the speed of recovery.

Coronavirus: How can I keep my business going?

Social media is rife with the advice to ‘think out of the box‘ – but what does that exactly mean, and how can you apply creative thinking, especially when this isn’t something that you’re used to? Most examples that we have been reading lean towards encouraging commercial diversification, but on a more extreme level.

An example that we have seen could be a website design agency, like KAYBE, turning to dog walking. Now, we aren’t saying we wouldn’t love to spend all day, every day with dogs, but let’s explore some reasons why you would not want to tread too far off of the beaten track, and instead walk in parallel, along similar lines with the business you’ve forged.

Established Competitors: Offering a new product or service to a market that is new to you, doesn’t make it new to everyone. Using the example we gave above, there will be other established dog walkers in your community, so offering this as a service isn’t efficient.

Be an Expert in Your Field: You already offer to others what you know, and do best. This is exactly what they need at the moment: quality service or work. However, don’t be too quick to argue that your service isn’t required in the current climate, consider this…

Business Options: How to work with the coronavirus crisis

… Let’s take Steve as an example. Steve is a wedding photographer. Since the coronavirus outbreak and the Government ramping up the need for self-isolation, all wedding photo shoots have either been postponed or cancelled. It’s starting to look like there is no work left. Yes, it may be limited, there are still options. While the offline world is starting to grind to a halt, the digital world is starting to boom.

More and more businesses are using the time they are away from the daily grind to look at their website and social channels. Considering the importance of images for SEO and Paid Media, there is an opportunity to cease. Platforms like fotolia from Adobe and Shutterstock build their database for stock images through the contribution of many photographers worldwide, independent of time and space.

Platforms such as these immediately open Steve’s opportunities as a local photographer right up, as he is now able to sell licences to his images, globally.

Moving away from a traditional way of selling to the online world is possible for so many products and services – but historically without the need to explore additional options, seemingly simple changes may not have been considered.

Additional Revenue: How can I get my business known by more people?

Something I am really passionate about is the world of equine. I have personally seen riding schools starting to teach the theory part of riding over video. I have also heard of piano teachers creating virtual classrooms and physiotherapists offering their services to people via video.

Last example, I promise. This one is from an online gym, Fiit. They have transferred activity and developed whole courses into content that is accessible for their members from any location – which wins top trump for customer convenience.

FIIT Online Gym & Online Fitness Classes

What can I do for my business during times of Coronavirus?

This for us isn’t out of the box thinking. This is building up to something more than just a quick fix; this is building up to digitalisation. True business longevity at its finest.

As yourself these simple points and begin to build out your options from here:

  1. Focus: What have I got to offer?
  2. Skill: What can I best?
  3. Improve: Where are there opportunities for changes?
  4. Network: Who can I get help from?


The ideas is to not only bring you revenue during times like the dawn of Coronavirus, but  to also give you a stronger position after with an additional channel of generating revenue, and giving you an aid for a quick recovery.

Don't know how to introduce your business to being online?

Let's help you find out...

We are here to help

I’d be stating the obvious if I said times are tough.

If you still have no idea where to start, talk with us. We are more than happy to conjure up ideas with you and hopefully show you some options how you can build an additional revenue line for the days when an offline world is closed. We don’t charge for this session as we believe that situations like Coronavirus require special treatments and cohesion.

All we asked for is a signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to ensure both parties are able to talk freely and openly.

The mission of KAYBE

We build great websites. KAYBE can build from the ground up, or develop existing plans or drawings you may have. Our mission is to create a great experience for your clients and customers, with content that they will love. We take this further to other areas your customers ‘hang out’ such as building on social media interactions, while building on your brand awareness.

Reach out to us, and we can discuss how you can get a new website up and running, or re-vamp an existing website with the aim of delivering a great user experience to your visitors, while being visible for potential new business.

About the Author

I’m Christiane, one of the proud MegaMarketers here at KAYBE. Hi and hello from me to you. I started in marketing long before my career started, supporting sports teams in getting sponsorships and organising school events which ended up being big successes.

I’m passionate about marketing and the tech to make it happen – isn’t it exciting when automation works? In my spare time I love seeing my family, going for walks with my dog and spending time with my horses; enjoying nature and a non-techy environment.

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