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Lead Generation: How to get found online

It's essential for every business to be seen by potential customers, ensuring you can be found when someone needs something that you offer.
How to get found online • How do I get new customers to find my website?
How to get found online • How do I get new customers to find my website?

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How to get found online – a question which is commonly asked by many – does the answer go further than just SEO?

Clients come to you because they have a problem which they need to solve and you have the solution. In this blog post we look into ways how you can ensure you are found when your potential customer needs your solution and which additional methods you can use to increase your visibility.

How to get found online starts with understanding your customer’s logic

No matter if you sell physical goods through an online store, your high street shop or if you sell a service; you always help your customers. Otherwise they would not spend any money with you.

But when looking at how to get found online, we need to first identify why people use you, love your brand and what you have to offer. If you understand their logic, their way of thinking and how they search you can move on to the next step of attracting more customers into your business, creating the right content but just before you do jump to the next section, be sure do ask yourself, ‘do I really know my customers?

How can I better understand my customers?

Now, I know this sounds obvious, but understanding a customer needs comes from being close to your customers. It’s all too easy to dismiss understanding how a product is being used, or what they see as benefits. Let’s take one of our Client’s as an example who sell cosmetics online; sure – it’s easy to say its seen as a necessity for most women, but it wasn’t until we began helping them with their lead generation that they discovered a large proportion of their customer base were in-fact drag queens, and active goers of something called cosplay (Don’t worry, we had to look up what this was too!)

Now we were armed with loads of insight to create marketing activity which actively targeted prospective customers who we knew were either drag queens or cosplay enthusiasts – and boy did it pay off, with a not only a respectable reputation in both industries, but also in terms of conversions from leads/visitors to their website, into paying customers.

Create the right content

Depending on your offer, your sales cycle might be short or long. This is usually related to if  what you offer is a small, quick decision or a bigger investment for a business or consumer.

The buying cycle gives you the information what your funnel needs to look like. Serving content which is relevant to the stage of the buying cycle your potential customers are in helps you provide a message that resonates with them. For businesses with shorter sales cycles it disrupts your prospectives customer’s thinking and brings them to you, maybe even away from a competitor, and for longer sales cycles, it keeps the prospective customer engaged.

Always remember that only the right content at the right time will be consumed by your future customers and will influence their buying decision. Wrong content, or wrong timing, well – simply put, you’d be wasting your time.

Your content marketing should always tell a story with which your audience would engage with in order to bring your brand closer into their day-to-day life.

How can you help me with my lead generation?

Let's find out...

How to get found online by new customers

Optimising your content for search engines like Google, Bing and Ecosia is key, as often these are the first places many people go to collect information, research, compare, enquire or to buy something. To show up on the search results, you can either focus on the organic part of search (so called SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation) or the paid search (so called PPC, Pay Per Click) in order to ensure you’re getting under your customers’ nose at the first opportunity.

Friends, family and colleagues often influence the buying decisions of your prospective customers. Telling stories in a way that people love to share on social and tell their friends, you forge a way to be sure you build a trustful relationships, afterall – a referral is the best kind of marketing, as it’s an active endorsement, a trust point for someone or a business to put their faith in you. Content marketing is great to help you leverage the messages and sound bites you hear from your customers.

If you want to reach a specific group of people, you should also consider an Account Based Marketing (ABM) approach. This allows you to get a more detailed view on your potential customers and ensures you are where they are to be found in a natural environment even when they do not search for or look for what you offer. It’s worth reading more into ABM if your product of service is high value, low volume sales.

Got it. Lots of options, but where do I start?

We are big advocates of encouraging our clients to listen and get closer to their customers.

Always ask the questions you can’t find online, like: How did you hear about us? – How does our product/service help you? or How can we go the extra mile for you?

You will be surprised how many consumers are happy to share this information. Usually these questions evolve into a full conversation about your marketing or brand which can be a rich tapestry of insights into your buyer’s behaviour.

When looking at ways of how to get found online, we at KAYBE can help you either as a full end-to-end service or just specifically in areas you feel you need help. Reach out, and we can discuss how we can help you get more from your customers, while improving your reach.

About the Author

If you look under the microscope, my DNS string would read M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G. Outside of work, I’m continually looking at billboards, ad campaigns, messaging and signage. I am that rare breed that won’t fast-forward an advert on TV (you can judge me all you want!)

I am also a proud ally to Mental Health charities and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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