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Website Design: Why a friend shouldn’t do it for you!

Costs can often be a driver for business to choose to work with friends to design a website, quickly forgetting that a website design is more than just a digital must-have. Is your time and brand reputation worth the cost of a quick and convenient workaround?
Building a great website • When to consider friends
Building a great website • When to consider friends

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Building a great website isn’t easy; building a great website that performs well, and delivers what you as a business or person is looking for is even harder!

Especially from smaller business owners, we regularly hear that their friends have helped them out with Website Design, website maintenance and other marketing related must-haves. So far this sounds great and there is no need to bring in an agency, after all, it helps keep costs down, and you don’t have the build the trust up from scratch, as you already know the person who’s helping you.

It doesn’t take long before business owner is able to quickly join the dots together, to see that building a great website really does take experience, and skill. This is of course biased, hearing this from an agency, however can you really put a price on bringing your idea to life and getting your business found online.

Let’s pause for thought a second, and ask yourself the following question: Would you ask your friend to cut your hair (assuming they aren’t a hairdresser, too!) or would you prefer to go to a hairdresser? Would you ask your friend to repair your car or are you more likely to ask a mechanic?

All of these questions you are most likely to answer with: trust in the expert.

You might say now that building a great website is not as complex as repairing a car, but did you know really how much thought goes into the pages that get found on position one of Google? In this blog post we give you some examples of what skills are considered when building a great website.

Building a great website: A risky business

Safety first!

Available technologies can be both boon and bane. Your friends might be aware of all the great things you can do. But – if this is not their daily business – do they know that you have to agree to the Data Processing Terms of Google to use Google Analytics if you are in the EEA, UK, Switzerland or California? Or do they consider that a platform that is safe today might be hacked tomorrow because of a lack fo system updates?

Consider this, are your backups in a save environment?

What would you do if you lost all your orders, or if your website just vanished?

User Experience as part of the design

In one of our previous blog posts we described already why website design should be your number 1 priority in the digital world. But the design goes further than the first impression.

Have you ever visited a website before, where you think ‘yuck!’ or ‘how old is this!? – You then quickly leave the site, which attracts, what we call a high bounce rate.

When building a great website, you build an experience for your user, which hinges on your design. An easy-to-understand structure which is reflected in the design gives the users the ability to find what they are looking for. In fact research shows that it takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.

Consider these two websites: which would you rather stay on?

Building a great website • Poor website with no trust

Hunter Accountants, Bristol


Building a great website • Great website with trust

Wilkinson and Partners, Bristol


Your time and their experience

Tech evolves quickly, especially in the digital world. Things have changed so much over the past 6 months, let alone the past 6 years. While the premise and purpose of a website is still the same, going about it ‘the right way’ requires more considerations than ever before.

People who do not live and breath building a brilliant website, day in and day out typically take longer than an agency would for the same project. If you want to get your business set up or if you want to improve your digital reach, you usually don’t have 12 months to spare for you to be up and running.

12 months may sound excessive when estimating the time it takes for a friend to build a website, however when you consider the design, the set up, the copy, the testing, the improvements, hosting, page speed etc. the timescales can quickly creep. This is purely talking from experience when listening to the horror stories of customers when have gone pare shaped before coming to us.

Benefit from the experience of experts and best-in-class in house talent, instead of supporting your friends to develop new skills. Sure, to support your friends is always important, but do you really want to do this, ultimately at your cost?

How much would you really save when working with friends vs. an agency?

Let's find out...

When building a great website, friends do what friends have to do

Friends face another challenge that third parties don’t have: the relationship to you.

Your friend wants to do everything right, to keep you happy, and to not break your relationship. They potentially are not going to tell you their real opinion because they are afraid to influence your business, even though there might be a chance that they are right. An agency like KAYBE has proof points and a lot of experience you can gain from, plus we want to make it work for you as we would love to keep you happy as a long term customer from seeing the value in working together with us.

Once a website is finished, it shouldn’t be left to die a death. You will most likely come to the point where you would like to change something. Check – do you have access to everything you need? Also, just because your friend has time now, does this mean they will have time in 2 months to made edits?

Knowing who to trust when building a great website

Ultimately at the end of the day, the decision to go with your friend, over an agency is personal to you. There are lot’s of factors to consider: Budget Vs Security, or even Speed Vs Professional Image. What can look cost effective at the beginning, can quickly turn out to be very costly for long-term usage.

It’s not only the fact that you may lose revenue due to your design and attracting a high bounce rate, but it can also mean you are going through all the work again when you decide to level up your marketing and out-reach.

We at KAYBE can build a great website, from the ground – up, while also ensuring it’s maintained, and continues to be compliant. Reach out to us, and we can discuss how you can get your website up and running, delivering a great user experience to your visitors, while being visible for potential new business.

It’s free to talk – you then have the power to decide later after you have considered all options.

About the Author

I’m Christiane, one of the proud MegaMarketers here at KAYBE. Hi and hello from me to you. I started in marketing long before my career started, supporting sports teams in getting sponsorships and organising school events which ended up being big successes.

I’m passionate about marketing and the tech to make it happen – isn’t it exciting when automation works? In my spare time I love seeing my family, going for walks with my dog and spending time with my horses; enjoying nature and a non-techy environment.

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