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Lead Generation: Why can’t I be found online – accountants edition

From our own observations on social media over several weeks, we can see that the demand for accountants has peaked. However, when talking to accountants, many of them struggle to find new and onboard new Clients.

In this blog post, we take a look into the reasons as to why we hear accountants and other businesses asking: Why can't I be found online?

Table of Contents

That age-old question – Why can’t I be found online?

In this blog, we are going to specifically focus on accountants, however, before we look into the actual “Why”, it is first worth learning a bit more about the accountancy industry and the sector as a whole. Most accountancy firms are very traditional, and so is their approach to winning new businesses. It may come as no surprise that word of mouth is the biggest driver for accountants.

With many new start-ups appearing during the coronavirus pandemic, year-end is a huge opportunity for every accountant to win new customers and turn the relationship into something long term.

Why can’t I be found online: Adapting to a digital world

Never before has a digital first mentality been so important. Online is the first place where someone starting a new businesses looks for everything they need: from setting up email accounts through to contracting an accountant. But accountants are not well represented online. This means, they may have an online presence… a website maybe… that’s somewhere… not up to date… with some photos and words on it. Social media? Very rarely. Google listing? Nearly nothing.

And gone are the days of Yellow Pages!

The key driver to this is that their service or products are offline and naturally so is their business. Yes, we have had revelations such as MTD (Making Tax Digital) which is forcing more and more accountants to adapt to new digital ways, however in order to bring in new Client’s more can be done to strengthen a great network of ‘work of mouth’ referrers.

Years of brilliant word to mouth marketing connections is great, but what is the person they are referring you to can’t join up the dots because they can’t find you online?

Nowadays with social media and a 24/7 online world, everyone, including business owners lead with a digital first approach. Customers are no longer happy to accept any inconvenience, especially in a COVID world. With a younger, tech-savvy generation emerging, it is becoming more and more common to turn to social media to find the best of what they are looking for, relying on recommendations from people in their network, which naturally would include sharing a link, or tagging a profile.

The days of relying on traditional business cards are numbered.

Why can’t I be found online: the key reasons

Let’s come back to our original question; Why can’t I be found online, especially when there is such a high demand?

  • No online presence at all, or an outdated, poor looking website (which has the ability to be more detrimental than no website at all)
  • No social media presence or inactive accounts that don’t look trustworthy
  • Advertising to the wrong audience, in the wrong places or not at all
  • No digital experience for your prospective customers or existing ones (and yes, believe us, you can convert everything into a digital experience)

Example: Bring a physical business online to life

Let’s take a look at a real life example for you from a local shop that opened in November. I am sure you’ll agree that November 2020 is a strange time to open a local shop, right? Not for these guys. They made use of the situation and promoted all their products and advice they had to offer through Instagram. They gave the ability to reserve online for pickup, or you could just visit the shop like you would normally do.

Their set-up means that there is no commitment for a customer, until they had seen all the products in person and received the advice that they are looking for. Only one shopper is allowed in the shop at the same time – and believe it or not, people queue to get seen. You must be thinking that they must be selling something crazy – tickets to the moon, maybe? No, they sell shishas and tobacco.

How did they get to this level of success, especially considering they’re a start-up, opening in a COVID restricted environment? The key to their success is in their marketing. They make self-made videos, post pictures with their customers and promote a different product each day on their Instagram channel. Instagram is all they have, no website, no other social channels.

How you can adapt, so you avoid asking yourself ‘Why can’t I be found online?’

So, what can we learn from this is? It’s clear you need the right digital strategy – which may be daunting to think about, especially if this is all very new to you – however, you won’t be the first person embarking on this challenge.

If you’re thinking that a digital strategy is not really helpful for your accountancy practice, because shishas are hip whereas accountancy services aren’t then we’d like to challenge you on this! Get your marketing strategy right, have a vision and a clear target audience – the rest will just follow. It’s important to consider the tools you need and make a rough plan of the content that your prospective (and existing) customers would expect.

Here are four steps to help you solve the problem of ‘Why can’t I be found online?’:

  1. Articulate your vision
  2. Define your target audience – who do you want to work with?
  3. Formulate the message to people you want to talk to online
  4. Pick the right places to advertise

Don't know how to introduce a digital world to your business?

Let's help you find out...

We are here to help

We at KAYBE have worked with lots of different types of businesses, from product led through to service orientated in small startups and large enterprises. The one thing, that’s independent of budget, market and offer, is that every business needs a strategy behind its marketing. While the word “strategy” can sound very complex and not easy to understand, we can help businesses, like yours, to formulate this strategy and turn it into an actionable plan, with help on execution too.

The mission of KAYBE

We build great websites. KAYBE can build from the ground up, develop existing plans or drawings you may have. Our mission is to create a great experience for your clients and customers, with content that they will love. We take this further to other areas your customers ‘hang out’ such as building on social media interactions, increasing your brand awareness.

Reach out to us, and we can discuss how you can get a new website up and running, or re-vamp an existing website with the aim of delivering a great user experience to your visitors, while being visible for potential new business.

About the Author

I’m Christiane, one of the proud MegaMarketers here at KAYBE. Hi and hello from me to you. I started in marketing long before my career started, supporting sports teams in getting sponsorships and organising school events which ended up being big successes.

I’m passionate about marketing and the tech to make it happen – isn’t it exciting when automation works? In my spare time I love seeing my family, going for walks with my dog and spending time with my horses; enjoying nature and a non-techy environment.

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